Day 1: Mobility change – strategies and people

Keynote: Legible transport systems

Yogesh Dandekar
Design head and founder. Sargdesignstudio

Service and Experience design for transit systems.

Yogesh has over 21 years of experience across a range of domains from Product to Service design, as well as Transport to Experience design. He has extensive project experience (6 Rail based Mass transit systems, 11 Airports) of understanding passenger journeys in urban transport and railways. Worked on improving the passenger experience of metro and airports in India through the design of integrated information, wayfinding and connected experience across the passenger journeys. Additionally, he has expertise in design for making transport network more integrated and consumer-centric which drives revenue growth.

https://in.linkedin.com/in/dandekaYogesh ryogesh

Pramod Rajendran
School of Planning and Architecture

Pramod Rajendran is a PG Transport Planner from S.P.A. Bhopal, INDIA. He has been researching the dynamics of regional road freight traffic in India with pilot city assessment for GIZ. He is a trained architect and a
a multi-faceted person interested in exploring subjects like transport, logistics, supply chain management, spatial and graphic design, along with creating documentaries and performing arts. 

Presentation: Attitudes of people towards the car: Exploring habit formation process

Amatya Agarwal
PES University

Amatya is a passionate problem-solver seeking to ideate and finds creative solutions to the traffic problems plaguing our fast-growing cities. Living in the city of Bangalore for seven years he has experienced this problem first hand. His expertise and experience lie in tech consulting, public policy and engineering.

Presentation: Making Travel Inside Central Business Districts efficient using Accelerated Moving Walkways and Periphery Parking Framework.

Komal Sudrik
Fr.CRCE, Bandra, India

Komal Pramod Sudrik is currently pursuing her BE in Production Engineering. Her core competence lies in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Aquinas Correia
Konnect Insights

Aquinas Correia is currently working as Software Developer at Konnect Insights. He has a keen interest in creating applications that create a change. He loves to travel and explore.

Presentation: Improved connectivity with the public vehicle to accelerate the level of its usage.

Asmita Das, Ayushi Agashe, Divya Pathak, Prajwal Jambhulkar and Pranjali Ulhe Dandekar 
JD College of Engineering and Management

Asmita and her teammates are a group of students pursuing their Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from JD college of Engineering & Management, Nagpur, INDIA. Asmita is passionate about Data Science and Machine learning. She finds machine learning so fascinating and wants to use it for solving real-life problems, especially in the field of medicine and healthcare. 

Presentation: Traffic signal management for an ambulance using radar with medical history database through biometric

Day 2: Wayfinding and multi-language signage

Opening Keynote: Maps for your sanity

Robin Woods
Senior Consultant, Hampshire, UK

Robin is the world’s most published transit map researcher-designer having travelled the world for 30 years visiting no less than 91 of the 114 city maps he has personally designed. His maps are published in travel guides in most European languages and have also translated into Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The maps are reproduced in a variety of different ways in over 1000 different products. His depth and wealth of experience in research and design in the field of transit mapping are a welcome addition to our team.


Rajendra Thakre
MIT Institute of Design, INDIA

Rajendra Thakre is an Associate Professor in the Graphic Design department with MIT Institute of Design, Pune (INDIA) from past 11 years. He is pursuing his PhD in Applied Art from MIT ADT University, Pune on Challenges & Opportunities for Wayfinding Signage Design for
Smart Cities. He is Post Graduate in Applied Art with a specialization in Photography and has worked with various design studios and IT companies as a User Experience Designer.

Presentation: Way-finding/Signage Design opportunities and challenges for Multilingual Script within the Indian context.

Yuchan Zhang
Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading

Yuchan Zhang is a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. Her research interests lie in traffic signs design and bilingual typography. Her research investigates how bilingual typographic presentation in relation to signage legibility, and how it can improve driver’s reading, understanding and comprehension of information conveyed by a traffic sign. Her study presenting here is supported by the China Scholarship Council.

Presentation: Challenges for the design of bilingual traffic signs in China.

Baarish Date
Graphics Beyond, Wayshowing and signage design, India

Baarish Vasant Date lives and works in Mumbai.
His exposure with architecture and the visual arts began early as both his parents were architects. On completing his schooling in Mumbai, he enrolled at KRVIA in 1994. Here he flourished under the teaching of Sen Kapadia, Hema Sankalia, Manoj Parmar and Chaitanya Sambrani.

He went on to pursue Masters in Visual Communication from IDC at IIT Bombay, studying under Prof. Kirti Trivedi, Udya Athvankar and Ravi Hazra. After a short stint with his mentor – Kirti Trivedi. He then co-founded Graphics Beyond in 2002, a graphic design studio focussed primarily on Wayfinding Design and Branded Environments. Over these past two decades of rigorous practice, Baarish has accrued extensive experience of working within highly challenging, multi-disciplinary, professional environments of socio-economic-geographic importance, across projects spanning a wide range of scales and typoligies, key examples include – Shaurya Smaarak-Bhopal, Magarpatta Township-Pune, The World Towers and Coutyard Community Park.
Besides practise, his engagement with the world of design extends to being a member of Design Juries at various design schools along with being an active member of SEGD USA .

Presentation: Using over-play and underplay as strategies in way-finding to create a variety of experiences.

Closing Keynote: Making the invisible visible – responsibility in information design

Ole Häntzschel
Graphic Designer and Information Graphics expert

Berlin, Germany

Ole Häntzschel is a Berlin-based graphic designer, an illustrator and an expert in information graphics. Through his practice, he communicates complex data in a visually engaging way. He often works with journalists and through his illustrations makes complicated matters simple to understand. His mission is to unmask the little-known facts and inconvenient truths through the use of graphics, something that he feels has never been more relevant considering the current climate of post-truth politics. Häntzschel has worked for numerous German and international news outlets, papers, magazines, for exhibitions and the web. His work has been awarded various prizes amongst them the Malofiej award. He teaches regularly and holds workshops at universities. Visit his website to see more of his work.


Day 3: Design methods / inclusive design

Keynote: Design of the tricycle for paraplegics

Prof. Nishant Sharma
Faculty Mobility & Vehicle Design program,

IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay

Nishant Sharma is currently a Professor of Mobility & Vehicle Design (MVD) in IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. As a professor, he teaches postgraduate level courses, supervises Master of Design & PhD students, leads funded research/ consultancy projects from government, private companies & non-government organisations and performs various institute level & department-level administrative roles. He teaches Vehicle Form & Aesthetics, Mobility Design, Computer-Aided Industrial Design, User-centric way of designing products etc. His research interests are Nature & Form, Bionics, Human Powered Mobility and Participatory Design. He had the privilege of pioneering vehicle design education in India by developing philosophy and writing the complete curriculum of India’s first specialised Transportation & Automobile Design program for the reputed National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He was then instrumental in setting up the Mobility and Vehicle Design program at India’s best technology institute- IIT Bombay.


Yateendra Joshi
Independent designer and copy editor

Yateendra Joshi is a professional freelance copy editor with 30+ years of experience in editing technical documents. He is also a member of the board of editors of Information Design Journal, and transit information is a particular interest of his. Mr Joshi attended the summer school “Travelling the City”, organized by the International Institute for Information Design in Vienna in 2002.

Presentation: Creating locality-specific transit guides

Saurabh Nimsarkar
ArtCenter College of Design, CA, USA

Saurabh Nimsarkar is an engineer turned transdisciplinary designer based in California exploring the intersections of speculative design, critical technological practices, strategic design, transportation, spaces and places, and human experiences. With a strong background in design research and systems design, he believes in exploring alternatives, experiences, and what-ifs, challenging the status quo while thinking critically about the societal, cultural, and ecological implications.

Presentation: Mobility Provocations: Data Attitudes in an Information Civilization

Dhriti Dhaundiyal
IDC, IIT Bombay

Dhriti studied Industrial Design at NID, Ahmedabad and did a Masters in Urban Sustainability from King’s College, London. She has worked as an automobile designer in India and Japan before joining Doon University, Dehradun to set up the School of Design. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Mobility Design from IIT Bombay.

Ladies’ Special: A Mixed Methods Study of Female Commuters in Mumbai Local Trains for Requirement Capture

Presentation: Ladies’ Special: A Mixed Methods Study of Female Commuters in Mumbai Local Trains for Requirement Capture

Abhishek Srivastava
U. P. Institute of Design, Noida (A constitutent college of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow)

Abhishek Srivastava is an Architect (B.Arch.) & Industrial Designer (M.Des.) from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. Having work experience of 7+ years, he has worked at Infosys, Bangalore and Think Design, New Delhi as Senior Designer. He was Founding director at Welava Design and worked majorly in the area of Design consultancy and Upcyling. He has taught previously at the Dept. of Industrial Design, SPA New Delhi and School of Design, World University of Design. Currently, he is Asst. Professor at U.P. Institute of Design, Noida, and Asso. Dean for R&D and Industrial Consultancy at Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow.

Bhawna Welturkar
Center for Study of Science Technology and Policy, Noida

I am an Architect & Industrial Designer with around 9 years of experience. I am currently working as Visual Communications Officer at Center for Study of Science, Technology & Policy. I have also worked as design educator, graphic designer & architect in the past. Apart from profession, my interest also includes upcycle, re-use & re-purpose.

Presentation: Making tourism more accessible